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Thank you for your interest in Muskoka Brewery. We currently have openings below; please check back often because we are rapidly expanding.

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Current Openings

If interested in positions you can send along your resume, referencing your area of interest, for future consideration. We do receive a lot of interest so to ensure you aren’t missed keep checking this page, we post here first. To submit a resume please click here.

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What's it like to work here?

“Although work-life balance is very important, one of the (many) things I love about Muskoka Brewery is how so many of the things I enjoy in my life are enhanced through my work. Whether it’s attending beer fests and seeing our team members pouring pints or meeting up for a Hopped Up Hump Day with those who work near me, I enjoy spending time with all the awesome people that I work with every day. I’m very fortunate that my manager is supportive, knowledgeable, and interested in helping me grow in my role. What really speaks to me is that our culture of acceptance, fun, and education spills out from just the employees. My husband loves attending work events – from festivals, to meeting up for a few pints with people – simply because our team members love beer, having a good time, and spreading that joy to people around them!”
Shannon Mulligan, Marketing Specialist

“First, I would have to say the big guy himself Mr. Gary McMullen, he takes the time to say good morning to staff and it doesn’t matter whether you work in the office or in production, he also has a great sense of humour and a wonderful dog. Second, would be dealing with my customers and developing friendships and good working relationships with them. Third the staff; some really good people work here now…. And finally the Beer variety, styles and tastes, always interesting.”
Sherry Gray, Sales Support Coordinator

“Just to name a few, it is the excitement and awareness of being part of something special; working with great people who truly care; the passion and pride for the work we do, the products we create, the quality of our products, the brands and stories we tell, the fun we have (not taking ourselves too seriously); with a high level of integrity we truly BELIEVE in what we do and what we are and stand for – standing behind our products and quality; and finally there is a real sense of ‘I’ve got your back’ support among this nimble and entrepreneurial team that is hard to come by”
Vince Charbonneau, VP of Strategic Development

“Muskoka Brewery is like family to me. The employees are unique, friendly, and approachable and everyone is a team player. Thanks in part to the exceptional leadership, the culture is thriving and the company is poised for a tremendous amount of success in the years to come. Great tasting beer and engaged employees, a winning combination!”
Darren Sutton, Sales Support Manager