Legendary Muskoka Oddity

Vintage Legendary Muskoka oddity

Available: March 10th– June 30th
Cellar aged, the complexities in this beer have continued to mingle and mature in the bottle. Legends date back to the 1800's when lumberjacks and fur traders took to the woods and encountered the mysterious culture and wildlife in the Northern region. Today, we echo our ancestors' quest and have unearthed this season's most distinct offerings. Brewed with a Belgian style in mind, this culmination of unique ingredients rests in the bottle of our Legendary Oddity brew. We invite you to Release The Legend.

Ingredients: Pure Muskoka Water, Heather Tips, Juniper Berries, Sweet Orange Peel Shavings, North American Malts, Noble Hops, Belgian Yeast and Belgian Candi Sugar.

ABV: 7.1%

Best served at 6c