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Craft Beer in a Can? You bet.
Light weight-
just .47 oz
per 12 oz can

Aluminum cans
are 100 percent
recyclable infinitely

Beer cans are
incredible billboards

Cans are really
perfect vessels
for beer, because
they eliminate the
chance of light or
oxygen ruining it

Can be enjoyed
in places where
glass is off-limits:
the dock, the pool,
sporting events
and concerts
Beer cans are the
most recycled
beverage container
in the world.

Light weight,
unbreakable, efficient
to ship and store

Impervious to light
and oxygen,
providing unparalleled
flavour protection

Made from more
recycled material
than bottles
Beer cans have come a long way since January 24, 1935, when the first beer was
introduced in steel cans. Light weight, unbreakable, recyclable infinitely and the ultimate
guardian of flavour protection. Muskoka Cottage Brewery proudly offers all of our
award winning brands in a 473ml can format.

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